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Have you dreamed of learning to fly or to become a pilot of the highest caliber? Flying Vikings can make that dream come true with our professional licensed commercial pilot training in Hayward, CA and at our comfortable training facilities. With us, you receive first-rate instruction from highly accomplished pilots. After training with us, you will be ready to handle any situation in your aircraft confidently and safely. 

Our advanced flight school prepares students for exciting careers with airlines. Even if you only intend to learn to fly as a hobby, the skills you acquire with us will serve as the groundwork for a lifetime of safe, capable flying. We start with the basics and work our way up to advanced scenarios. As our student, you learn to navigate the skies from dedicated pilots with thousands of hours of flight experience.

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Whether you want to be a licensed commercial pilot or just fly for fun, our facilities at the Hayward Executive Airport offer everything the prospective pilot needs. You can learn to fly in simulators or in the cockpit with experienced instructors, as well as take your FAA exams.

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Fly for fun with our fleet of small-body aircraft available to rent, including Cessna, Piper, and many more. All of our equipment is well-maintained by our certified airplane maintenance company in order to meet the strictest requirements of our students and renters.

Rental & Maintenance

Commercial and recreational pilots receive top-quality training in our program. You will practice with our FAA-approved Elite PCATD flight simulator and in the cockpit with our expert instructors. Our in-aircraft practice allows you to develop your skills while gaining real familiarity with a plane’s handling. 

Additionally, you can take your FAA written exams (Parts 141 and 61) right here at our convenient location. For international students, we issue I-20 forms and train according to various standards, including India’s DGCA. We take our responsibility to our students and their future passengers very seriously. But it’s also a point of pride for us to offer top-quality, hands-on flight training that ultimately improves the state of the passenger airline industry. For a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience and an opportunity to jumpstart a new career as a pilot, enroll in our program today.

About Us

If you have always wanted to learn to fly, this is your chance! Our flight school in Hayward, California, provides extensive flight training at our first-rate facilities for local and international students seeking to become private or commercial pilots. Planes are also available for pilots to rent, and we have certified maintenance services available in house. Few other flight schools have their own mechanics on site to help both students and private pilots. Our rates are also extremely reasonable, since we own all of our planes.

In business since 1989, our family-run company has been under the same management ever since. We have trained thousands of students from around the world and many are now captains for major airlines. The greatest reward of providing world-class training is not only producing the best and safest pilots, but making it safe and enjoyable for all of the passengers our pilots will go on to serve.

Contact us to enroll in our program. We train pilots at our facility in Hayward, California.


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