Flying Vikings is the difference between promise and performance.

About Us

About Our Flight Program Operations in San Francisco, CA

For over 30 years, our reputation for excellence in flight program operations in San Francisco, CA, has remained a source of great pride for our company. For a flight school, an exemplary record is essential to success. It requires dedication to our students and their future in the sky. Only a complete commitment to the industry can develop the brilliant pilots we’re proud to call program graduates. Our family-owned and operated business consistently produces best-in-class airmen and women that consistently demonstrate unparalleled skills.

Learning to Fly

Our flight school takes great pride in offering comprehensive pilot training to our students. We are dedicated to our students’ success and tailor our training program to meet the current industry expectations to help you find a career as a pilot once you finish school. We are also partnered with numerous international airlines to provide students from all over the world with the skills and experience they need to become professional pilots. We will also work with our international students to help them apply for a visa so that they can attend our school. To learn more about the pilot training we offer or to see if you qualify for our flight school, contact our office. 

Opportunities Await

Whether international or local, our flight school students learn the skills required to become masters in their field. From major airlines to executive-class business jets, every career door is open when you choose Flying Vikings Inc. for your flight instruction.

Mechanical Excellence

To ensure the safety and security of everyone at the school, we retain the highest level of airplane mechanics in the field. Our certified maintenance services ensure the safety of both our students and aircraft rental customers. Pilots can feel confident when they step into the cockpit that everything is in order and ready to fly.

Renting One of Our Planes 

In addition to providing pilot training, our school also offers to rent our planes to experienced pilots. Whether you fly for fun or for work, our rentals are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to spend time in the air. We have certain requirements for our rentals, such as a valid medical certificate and purchasing flight insurance. Also, if it has been more than 60 days since your last flight with us, we ask that you schedule a check flight with one of our instructors before renting a plane.

For reasonable plane rental rates or to discuss enrolling in our flight program operations, please contact us. We’ll help you reach for the sky!