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Rental & Maintenance

Airplane Rental And Maintenance | Hayward, CA

Take to the Skies Safely with Airplane Rental & Maintenance

Head up into the wild blue yonder when you rent a plane by Flying Vikings. We also provide complete aircraft maintenance by the certified maintenance team at our facilities in Hayward, California. Contact us for more information about airplane rental and maintenance in Hayward, CA.

Flying for Fun

Licensed pilots who want to fly for fun or business can rent from our extensive fleet of aircraft. For pilots who have flown with us before, all you have to do is call us to book your flight. Flying Vikings flight Insurance is required. You will also need a valid medical certificate and need to have flown with Flying Vikings within the last 60 days. If not, please schedule a check-out flight with one of our instructors. Then you will be ready to take flight fly in the friendly skies. The same applies to someone who is licensed and has never flown with Flying Vikings. Click here to review our rental agreement.

Fly For Fun San Francisco, CA

Rent A Plane San Francisco, CA


Our diverse fleet of aircraft includes Cessna 152s, 172s, a Piper Arrow, Piper Seminoles, and a Piper Seneca. All are owned and operated to meet the needs of students, whether foreign or domestic. These aircraft are all maintained and repaired if needed by Flying Vikings mechanics, who are FAA-certified.

Maintenance & Repair

Flying Vikings does aircraft repair and maintenance using certified mechanics. You can be assured that you will be using equipment that has been taken care of by experts in the industry. Our maintenance rates and timely completion of work keeps customers satisfied and coming back. If you're an aircraft owner in need of maintenance, give Flying Vikings a try. First-time customers, ask us about a discounted rate.

Airplane Rental And Maintenance | San Francisco, CA