Flying Vikings is the difference between promise and performance.


Licensed Flight School in San Francisco, CA

Learn how to fly by taking advantage of the courses and programs offered by Flying Vikings Inc. As a fully licensed flight school in San Francisco, CA, we provide all training needed for our students to receive their pilot's license for both private and commercial purposes. Our school is set up to accept students from across the United States as well as from around the world.

All of our flight instructors have extensive in-air experience and will provide you with the resources needed to pass your FAA exams. Additionally, we also offer plane rentals for individuals who need even more flight hours for their certification. With all of the resources we have to offer, you will learn how to fly and be ready to either start your career as a commercial pilot or enjoy the fun of flying on your own. Contact us to learn more about our pilot training services or read on to see what our satisfied clients and students have to say about our school.

"I am very happy and satisfied that my son's training and my money paid off VERY WELL under your guidance. I really appreciated the level of safety maintained by you in this risky business. I wish your company reaches new heights."

- Ramesh S.

"I want to thank you all so much for the wonderful support. It has been and will always be the best flight school, not because the flight training is amazing but because no other school has such warm, kind hearted and honest people."
- Mukarram E.

"I have been a flight instructor at Flying Vikings. It has been a pleasure to operate under Flying Vikings management. They provided a safe working environment. Aircraft maintenance has always been excellent and safe. Flying Vikings allowed students and flight instructors to achieve their individual goals in a pleasant professional environment."
- Alex D.

"I completed my pilot training in time all because of you. The value of education you provided to us was very good."
- Shrikant N.

"I want everyone to know I have been selected as a Trainee First Officer with Jet Airways. I want to thank Mats Salomonsson and everyone else at Flying Vikings for their personal attention, teaching and training that equipped me for all the challenges ahead. Your dedication and attention for detail were instrumental in advancing my career."
- Carlyle C.

"I would like to applaud Flying Vikings with their involvement in the aviation community. Over the years they have made the proper adjustments to keep their facilities and flight training top notch. Their owners and staff show loyalty to aviation because they have been in business over the last 20 years, with open arms to new students and always trying to provide good service."
- Defrance M.

"I can never forget all the help that was provided to me to complete my training. and lending me a car to use. I hope Flying Vikings flourishes and soon we hear about an airline called Flying Vikings Airway."
- Amish S.

"Presently I am a First Officer at Jet Airways. Flying Vikings played the most important role to make me what I am today. Here I met amazing people to who I owe all my credits for making my dreams come true. Joe and Celine Correa, Mats Salomonsson and Andre who taught me to fly and guided me, excellent training most important of all the generous and helpful Flying Vikings family."
- Leopold A.

"I received the best flight training I could ever get. The best flight instructors, mechanics, and staff. They never allowed us to feel like we were away from our family and country. Thank you for the lovely memories."
- Vaibhav G.

"I know the owners since 1997. I graduated with more than 50 students without any incident. My experiences were very positive. I saw a safe operation and was extremely comfortable working. There is an excellent rapport with students while providing a high level of training in aviation. Flying Vikings should be commended for the ethics they brought to the field of aviation training."
- Seung K.

The owners of Flying Vikings Inc. Joe and Celine Correa and Mats Salomonsson are offering concessions to former ASA students in the wake of ASA's abrupt closing."
- India West

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