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Flight School Requirements

As a Hayward, California-based international flight school, Flying Vikings welcomes students from all around the world, because there is no better place to fly than Northern California. This school has the authorization under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. You will love the weather, the people, and lifestyle of the Bay Area. Follow the steps below and get ready to pack your bags for the most exciting journey of your life!


Application Process for International Students

First, fill out and submit an Application below for Training at Flying Vikings. Please note that you must be able to speak and read English in order to train in the United States. Also note that the M-1 visa requires a minimum of 12 years of basic education. Once we approve your application, we will begin preparing for your M-1 student visa. Send us a photocopy of your passport and any other documents required.

Next, the FAA requires a medical exam. Click here for a list of qualified examiners in your country. If you want to take the exam in the U.S., we can arrange it for you. All students must also be approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You can create a new account on their website and follow the instructions.

Finally, we will send you Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status). You are now ready to apply for the M-1 visa at your nearest American Embassy or U.S. Consulate. A list of locations can be viewed here. Throughout the entire process, we are available by email, telephone, or fax to help you along the way. Flying Vikings staff can arrange housing for you, as well. Hayward is home to a major university so there are plenty of apartments, rooms for rent, and student roommates available.

PSI/Lasergrade FAA Testing

Flying Vikings has a comfortable Lasergrade testing facility to allow our students to take the FAA written exams in house, reducing time and costs wasted traveling to other facilities. For all tests, you must provide all applicable documentation. Please call ahead of time to determine paperwork and documentation required for your specific exam. Due to strict FAA requirements, no exceptions can be made. If you forget to bring a required ID or other document, we will not be able to start the test until you have the information for us to verify. In addition, applicants under 18 years of age may require a parent or legal guardian accompany the applicant and, after presenting identification, may then attest to the applicant's identity. Local applicants must provide one (1) valid, current photo ID that contains proof of age, a signature, and residential address. Acceptable IDs include:

PSI LasergradeTesting
• US Territory or State Issued Driver's License
• US Government ID Card
• US Military ID Card
• Passport
• Alien Residency Card
• Proof Of Residential Address (E.G., Public Utilities Statement)
• International Applicants

Passport & One (1) Other Valid, Current Photo ID That Contains Proof Of Age, a Signature & Residential Address. Acceptable Ids Include:

• Driver License Issued By Any Government Entity • ID Card Issued By Any Government Entity • Proof Of Residential Address (E.G. Public Utilities Statement)